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    In one of the thread someone posted that I can copy articles from sites like ezinearticles etc. and post them on my blog directly.

    How is that possible? Won't google detect it and ban my site?

    Please reply.

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    it'll make your site sandboxed if google detect your website host copied content. Try to spin the article and make it pass copyscrape.
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    google will only ban you if you want to put adsense on it. otherwise i think its ok.

    Correct me guys if i'm wrong here :confused:
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    Not long ago I came across a very interesting blog by GarryConn. Few paragraphs from that blog might be an answer to your question:

    "If you chose to syndicate already published content on your web site you do yourself at risk with Google.
    However, what I can do is show you a few tricks that GREATLY reduce your risk and will deliver some amazing results.
    EzineArticles needs you to disclose that the content came from THEIR site so that THEY don't get penalized for duplicate content and YOU do. Secondly, if that wasn't good enough, YOU have to make sure that the links in the articles are ********.
    Now, in my experience, I have learned that the older something is published online, the stronger the anchor the content has in the search engines. Secondly, and more importantly in the terms of dup content, the older an article sits in the Ezinearticle pool the higher chance that people have already syndicated the content.
    The trick to using Ezinearticles is being the FIRST one to snag a copy of the newest article published. If you can do this, you can claim your authoritve ground on the content over anyone else that syndicates that content. With that said, you still have the risk of having EzineArticles over powering you. I can't help you there... that is the risk you have to take.
    However, if you choose only the NEW articles published and make sure that you are one of the first sites to get the content indexed in Google before anyone else, you should be fine. If fact, if you can get the new content indexed before EzineArticle does, that looks even better.
    The easiest way to see how many copies of an article Google has a record of is to visit the article and randonly select about 25 words from the article and do an exact phrase IN QUOTES search on it. When you do this, you will also start to see the power that Google has in their ability to index content. Also too, you can really start to see the power in longtail keyword search engine marketing... but that is a post I can do later in the future.
    To reduce the risk of getting slapped with dup content, choose ONLY the articles that don't have a lot of copies already found in Google. The best chance you have at doing this, is trolling Ezinearticles and sniffing around for the newest ones that get published.
    To help you save time in doing this, Ezinearticles has an RSS feed. Simply subscribe to the category that best fits your needs and you will be notified when new content is published".