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    I need an experience web content writer, the assignment will be for 4 pages, I need the content to be about Healthcare, Auto, Home and Pet insurance. Each page needs to be 600 words for each page.

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    Hi there, I would like to offer you my services. I am a full time content writer who works extremely well under pressure. I take great pride in providing informative and original content in perfect English. The subject matter that you have requested would not pose to be a problem at all and I feel completely confident of meeting your requirements. For more information please contact me via Skype at: skypepurplepatch
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    I don't like to come very wordy in my proposal to you. Let me just focus on how we're going to write your web content.

    First Person Point of View (I/We)
    It's our standard in web content writing to write in a first person point of view. We're going to use the pronouns "I" and/or "We."
    This sends a message to your readers that you take the accountability and responsibility on whatever you are saying on your page.

    Passed Flesch Readability Index
    Okay, only a few might have heard of this but I'm telling you, even an 8th grader should understand your web content unless your niche is focused on the scientific names of plants and animals.

    Call-to-Action (CTA)
    This goes without saying. Let's utilize the last paragraph to direct your reader to where you really want to be.
    Do you want to move your reader to click the ORDER NOW button or to your CONTACT US page? Whatever it is, your wish is our command.

    Did I mention "yes, I guarantee Copyscape-passed content?"
    That goes without saying. That is the reason why I didn't mention that. If I market myself as a content provider that can deliver CS-passed content, it's like me saying I can write for you using MS Word.

    Kidding aside, perhaps, with this article-length response to your thread, you've seen already my approach and style (and seriousness?) when it comes to web content writing.

    So what are we waiting for? Place your order here.
    Other BHW members are reading this post, too, for sure. I'm sorry but I process orders on a "first come, first serve" basis.

    Fastest fingers first!