Content for Instagram TV (IGTV)


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Jun 16, 2017
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I need your ideas on how to convert an instagram post into an IGTV video, which doesnt look spammy and generic

Example: ive a Fitness page and a post on it is
"11 tips on how to trigger biceps growth"
My idea: make an animated video going through tip 1 to tip 11 like a powerpoint presentation haha
I would let a robotic voice read the facts & explain each fact a bit more in depht
Then put some music on it and a template intro

I need to be able to do the videos in a large scale as i ll be having 120 instagram accounts in the fitness niche, i ll upload the same Content on all of them
(The content will be posted through a system, randomly and rotating so people wont notice + i ll change the Content a bit up in the IGTV videos; style/music/facts itself/intro)

1. What do you think of my idea
2. Do you have a better idea?

Any input is highly appreciated! :D