Content Creation for eCommerce - The Hardest Task For Online Shops

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    Unique Content - nothing new over here - is important. But what should an online shop do if it has hundreds or even thousands of new products each month? Even better if your shop is multilingual and you have translate everything. Google punched shop owners in their face after the first Panda / Farmer Update which consequently downranks duplicate content.
    But the problem with DC is not a penalty you perhaps assume to get for it. The problem is simply that google does not want the whole first page leading to the ever same product description.

    If you don't have the workers, the time yourself or the money to make each product description unique, the best advice is to do following:

    1. Be sure to have a pretty good relationship to your distributors / wholesalers. Keep in mind they get all product materials from the brands first. If your contact is female be pretty friendly with a very soft flirty attitude at the phone.

    2. Design a structure for your product descriptions and follow it consequent. This means, if you are selling hats for example, it could like this:

    Superduper Propeller Hat (bolded the name of the product)
    A hat for everyone that stayed young in mind and loves to propell through his live (introductionary sentence to grab attention)

    The Hat:
    Here you would normally describe that hat and its very unique features, the materials and so on.

    The Design:
    Here you would leave some words about the designer, the fancyness and what type of persons this will be worn of.

    You see the structure? Develop the structure for your products, you can develop a few structures for each product type you sell. Google loves this structurized way to display content, as well as your customers will love it.

    3. Back to the unique content problem:
    In 1. We made sure to get a good connection to our counterpart. Now call them once a week and ask for your new products. If they have some and you are willing to buy them, tell them to instantly send you the informations. Do a Google search for it it is already indexed. If not you are good to go and saved $. Now paste the information fitting to our structure and publish it. Post it on G+ for instant indexing and you will have the unique product description and the other shops will be seen as the copycat in Google Eyes.

    What happens here and why does it work?

    Google sees the source where it indexes content the first time as the origin source of it and handles all the others that are coming later as a copy of "your" content. Beeing quick is the key.

    Tested & proven to work: Yes, doing it successfully since 2010.