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    Have just set up a SEO / Web design company and have a couple of clients already for the web building side but want to expand into the SEO side of things as a re-seller.
    My main problem is i live in a very small village in England and the local marketplace is not big as you can imagine, so what is the best way to reach out to bigger companies and sell my SEO services?
    Cold calling?...have done that as a job in the past but getting to talk to the right person can be difficult.
    E-Mail?....most companies wont open it and think its spam, does email marketing still work for this type of business?
    Visiting?...Actually visiting small or large business and trying to speak with someone? I am a long way from the nearest city so would have to plan it carefully. Plus my services can be used anywhere in the world so that would rule this out in some cases.
    For those successful in the business what is the best option you have used and why?