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    Well it's about time I give back with a little campaign I did awhile ago.

    This involves content locking

    Everyone know's reality shows are huge right now. There's Survivor plus tons of others.

    The ones you want to target are the ones where a competitor will win. I personally used Rock of Love Bus but Around the World in 80 dishes is big now.

    The first step you will do is make a webpage with photos of people in the competition. We put all the woman contestants up with a black background and, the heading "Want to know who wins Rock of Love Bus??? Look inside:"

    We then had a content locker/iframe set up so for them to be able to see they had to enter their email.

    We were lucky because A-bomb, a contestant from the show came to a nightclub in the town I live in and was wearing nothing but pasties plus we got a picture with her and one of my friends. So having her in pastys hugging my friend helped to our credibility. So if you can find risque pictures of the stars or even better Photoshop yourself in with one of the stars and put a picture up at the top of the page like you have "the inside scoop"

    Then you should put something like

    "See inside for more photos of contestant plus find out who wins"

    We made about 500 in 2 weeks on just this one website and I was only driving traffic from the VH1 forum.
    Then you can use social media traffic and forums to drive traffic to the site.

    Hope this helps