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Nov 10, 2012
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Although not related to IM, I thought this article was interesting:

I think it also applies to Champagne, if you don't get the pop and the cork taking somebodies eye out you feel a little let down.

Remember that consumer psychology techniques can be applied to any Industry.

Here is an article form FE International (@meathead1234 ) : https://feinternational.com/blog/marketing-psychology-9-strategies-influence-consumers/

Yes I read the classic Robert Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, and this is powerful stuff most IM guys and gals use or should use.

Yeah, a great book, he has a new one out now called Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade
Thanks for the share, any suggestions for further reading?

Will check out what @emilio83 mentioned.

Have you guys ever read The Three Rules by Michael Raynor? Very, very informative book about company performance/management. Also, it is based on data/case studies so you can actually learn something, not just opinions. (not directly related to OP, but I heavily suggest it)
I watched bullshit by penn and teller, where they sold like 6 different water flavors, all without the drinkers knowing
that it was just all tap water, and they bought it like suckers, lapped it up, since then nothing like this surprises me :D
Interesting, il go take a look, I really like psychology
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