Conspiracy/alternative news bookmarking website. Journey to 10k pageviews daily.

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    Journey to 10k pageviews daily and a healthy Conspiracy/alternative news bookmarking social website community.

    Hello guys,

    First time starting a journey thread here and hoping you guys will help me keep my motivation up. :) You see, the thing is that I have been thinking about this project for about 3 years now and sometimes jumping on it, working for a week or so and then stopping. That's why I have decided to make a journey and I hope it will help me to dig in and survive those hard times. Also, I will be learning on the go with this project how to do shitloads of different stuff(examples: how to bring traffic? how to build a community? SEO. Site design fixes. Site ideas generation, etc, etc...). What will help me even more is that this time I am doing it not for money, I am doing it because I want to see this site grow and because I actually would be a visitor of such a site myself. Hence no profit targets and I will also share my URL, so you can how the site will grow, if it actually will hehe.

    So here is the idea:
    - Conspiracy/alternative news items social bookmarking site, think Reddit!
    - Fully community driven, no moderation, no censorship(Of course childporn etc. is not allowed, but the idea to do it without any moderation at all, fully community controlled and bad posts should be buried immediately by members.)
    - No Karma system(no karma whores will keep the site healthier)
    - When I will start getting enough submissions I will make homepage design to be something minimalistic like DrudgeReport, just categorized. So what will visitor get? When he comes to the site he sees main categories(Politics, Military madness, Earth news, Science, ET), each showing about 5 most popular entries in the last 24 hours. No fluff, just black on white, community driven news aggregator. That's the end-goal.

    LINK to website, decided to share this as I hope to make this a good case study for BHW community: realitycracked.{dot}, BHW doesn't let me post links)

    What else do we have?
    -Facebook fanpage with 1.9k fans(most of them targeted and brough in by the facebook ads program last summer. The fanpage is dead though.)
    -Twitter account with 3.2k followers gained by follow-unfollow technique. I will work with twitter account every few days now. It doesn't take that much time and may bring me a contributor to my site.

    Let's get to work! What we have to do?

    First task(step by step approach, won't move on till I will fix this issue):

    - Hire workers who are interested in this topic and would submit stories daily to fill the database for SEO and additional google traffic and to make the site look more active for visitors. As at the moment it looks dead and of course no visitor would join a community that is not existant? I have been looking for a solution for a week now and I need your suggestions and advices here guys. Couldn't find any freelancers interested in this topic on oDesk, went to mTurk only to realize that they blocked international taskgivers, my last chance - - I have campaign up now and it get's minimum submissions(1/day) and all of them are terrible quality. My idea: Maybe I should post a job here on BHW and pay for submissions BHW members? Do you think I would find anyone interested in these topics here?

    Additional task:

    - Fix categories, they are a mess now. Anyone has any ideas how to rename them? What to add? What to remove and change?

    I know the design is not the best, it's a default Hotaru CMS template, but for now it will be good enough. As soon as I start getting first community members we will do upgrades in this department.

    realitycracked.{(dot) again, can't post links) - please share your insights on this idea. Do you think my dream can come true and I will build my own community of great contributors and a site which I myself will enjoy visiting daily? Because I'm a really big conspiracy lunatic and love all these mystical topics about UFOs, paranormal activities, conspiracy theories about NWO, Illuminati, wars in the world, politics in general.