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    Mar 16, 2015
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    Hello all,

    As per title, I am considering starting an adult website & blog. Originally I thought of simply scraping the internet for content, promoting a wordpress site through social media & making money through ad's.

    However, after a lot of thought and research I really, REALLY do NOT want to lose sleep over any kind of copyright claim happening to me in the future. Using photo's without the consent of the model is not something I am prepared to take the risk on. Especially living in the country I am living in where they are cracking down on porn being distributed without consent.

    My question is, do I have any other options which don't keep me up at night worrying about content copyright/law?

    I saw webcamwiz which looks promising, basically from what I understand you can get them to create a webcam site for you, you draw traffic to it and you profit? I imagine they provide content which you can use which is copyright free as an affiliate?

    My budget is small, I am literally just starting out but really want to start an adult site. One thing I excel at is getting traffic, and promoting, so I have that on my side. I just need a way which is both 1. Has no risk of copyright claims & 2. Has a small startup cost (under $1k). If not I will save time and look to persue something else :)

    I look forward to your replies

    Kind regards