Consequences of changing directory structure of blog??

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    I have three questions about my link structure problem:

    I decided to organize my blog a little better. I put all the related links into categories and I changed the permalinks to show domain/category/post. So it looks something like this > domain/broad keyword/golden rule or long tail keyword. (I use Market Samurai.)
    I already had Link Juice Keeper installed. I assume that means that all the "page not found" queries will direct their PR to my homepage. Is that correct?

    I also installed a plugin called "redirect", I was told this would remember the previous URL and send it to the new one. I must have done something wrong because when I looked at the redirects after changing the directory structure I couldn't find any. Am I missing something or is this too badly messed up to fix at this point.

    Most importantly, I now have a bunch of extra links on my site (according to How do I get rid of all these extra links. Google is going to downgrade my site because there are a bunch of links that don't lead to anything. Even worse than that, many of the links lead to the same post so it looks like I am using duplicate content from my own site. What should I do to correct this issue?

    Thank you for your consideration of this problem.