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    I am Jonathan from Conseev and we're currently in the process of launching a new content service, and we are looking for reliable providers. Our clients are mostly people running blog networks, so they need different types of content written for their blogs, including traditional blog posts, "about" pages, even resumes of fictional blog owners.

    I've defined a list of the types of content we'll be needing, and the price we can pay for them. You can find it here:

    If you can provide content at those rates (you don't have to agree on the prices for all types, even if only one type of content is priced at a rate you like we're still interested), and you're confident you could deliver content consistently and at good quality over the long term, then I'd like to offer you to become one of our providers.

    We are currently paying every two weeks, but for new providers we can pay you immediately after delivering the first piece as a way of showing our good faith. You can also Google us and see that we are already running multiple online businesses without any sort of issue.

    Please note that we cannot change pricing for any content category. Those are the rates we can afford and nothing more. So as I mention above, if you agree with the pricing for at least one content category in that document, then we'd like to work with you.

    If you have samples available for any of those content categories, I am interested in reviewing them!

    If you are interested in working with us, please email me at:

    with the following information:

    Subject: Content Provider
    Your Name
    How/Where you found out about us
    Which pieces of content you?re willing to provide
    I?m looking forward to working with you!

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    I can tell you right away that you're going to fail. Even Textbroker pays more than that, man. You are essentially offering to pay less than a content mill. What kind of quality do you think you'll attract?

    You're going to get Engrish, so until you can up the budget substantially, my advice is: don't bother.

    And pay every two weeks? It's not 2009. I don't know where you're getting your info from, but the trend for content prices is up, not down. You can thank Daddy Google for that.

    To give you some idea: the lowest price that I offer for content is $10 for 500 words. That varies from site to site. On forums like these I charge less, on Constant Content, I charge $50 per 500 words.

    Not trying to be mean. Just being real with you.
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