Connecting Online and Offline marketing strategies

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    [​IMG] first am in a very good from seeing some old friends and they jokes so old, we all know how old gold is. OK, before I sleep I think giving my BHW a little blessing will do me better. Before I go on I was passing by offline marketing forums and I saw this:-

    "Dear I am a pastor we need your help for church building construction purpose kindly help me in Jesus name .

    in HIS service .

    pastor gollamudigeorge"

    I think it is funny..
    Ok, let me waste less of your time... :)

    We all love online marketing but am not sure if we all are capable of it?s consistence with out some offline in it. So why not integrate the two to a total new level of their exploitation. Let?s check out some of the ways we can connect the online and offline marketing.

    Some methods for Connecting Online and Offline Marketing

    1.URLs Tracking. We all love to look after the web analytics and wish our offline jobs could easily feed us with the same quality of analytics. In offline tactics like print advertising or outdoor advertising, be sure to use unique tracking URLS for the URLs will serve as redirects that web analytics would track, but send the visitors all to one core page with your central offer. This method will be beneficial as to you will know the segment of your conversions are from your offline tactics.

    2. Drive your offline traffic with social media- effectively exploit your social media, let everyone passing by your timeline know why they should stop by and follow you. Simply just let the online community aware of your offline activities. You can use the social media to promote your presence at the tradeshows. Take yourself as a teacher and the social media traffic your students.

    3. Offline Reach Building ? Our offline materials, such as flyers, business cards and other ads can be a good source of online traffic. Never forget to put the links to your social media profiles. (Eg. This encourages those who fail to meet you offline to check you online. Avoid just putting logos for Twitter and Facebook without your URLs. We all know It is free advertising for those social networks

    4. Social Media Lead Intelligence - Unfortunately, buying leads and cold calling still happens. If you are still purchasing leads for your sales team, at least help them improve their close rate by teaching them or providing them with online data and background information about the lead. Even if it's just teaching your sales team how to do search on LinkedIn to identify the lead's background and interests, these details can be instrumental in helping to build trust with new prospects.

    5. QR Codes - Mobile technology is huge. One aspect of mobile that is gaining traction with marketers is QR codes. These 2 dimensional barcodes allow someone in an offline situation to use their mobile phone to scan a code that automatically performs a specific action such as taking them to a website, showing them a video, sending them a text message, etc. QR codes can be a powerful tool to link offline and online marketing.
    My question is:-
    What methods have you used for successfully connecting your offline and online marketing?