Connecting a new Youtube account to Adsense after 2 Youtube accounts banned

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    Nov 9, 2013
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    HI guys, newbie from the UK here

    Just over 6 months ago my Youtube account was disabled for monetization, which i expected and fully accept.

    Immediately after, i opened another YT account (connected to the same Adsense account) and all was fine for 5 months but was eventually also disabled for monetization the other day.
    However, in the generic 'disabled monetization' email, it references my previous Youtube account as the 'problem' - not my newer account, even though i had a few content ID blocks.

    I then went through my unread gmails ( the one connected to my Adsense account and my first Youtube account) and noticed that i received another 6 month demonetization email for my first account in september even though it was already disabled, and then another the other day (the same time as the ban for my 2nd account).

    I've opened another Youtube account 3 days ago, uploaded one video and monetization seems fine but i can't help thinking that this will also be disabled in time.

    Correct me if i'm wrong guys but i feel that these are my options right now;

    1. I open a new Youtube account, connect it to my current Adsense and set all videos on my disabled channels to private to stop them causing further 'trouble'.

    2. Open a new Adsense account under my partner's name (who i live with) and look into ways of changing my ip address.

    3. Unlink the banned Youtube channels from my Adsense and connect my new youtube channel (I don't know whether this is possible but if it is - could you please direct me)

    I really hope you guys can help me out

    Thanks in advance guys

    peace and love to you all