[Conga-Line] Are all of those FREE sites legit? Free Ipod? Free?! No way...

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    Ok, this post is about those "free" things online advertised all the time.

    I used to be a member of what's called a conga-line, a site that helps people get referrals (I'll explain later).
    [Congablast.com back when freeipodguide.com was still active]

    There are legitimate freebie networks (i.e. Freepay or Offercentric) out there, but the item they advertise isn't really free... You have to invest a lot of time into it convincing people to give you a "green" (when someone you refer completes an offer).
    Also, you almost always have to pay like five bucks for shipping and handling for a "free trial" like diet pills or acne cream or Netflix/Blockbuster Video Online.

    The thing is, after you complete an offer, you have to get like 5 other people to sign up and complete an offer as well which is a lot harder then it seems because people always think it's some kind of scam or something. Also, the referrals (greens) can't be your family or live in the same household, or related in any way at all. The company (like Offercentric) checks all of your referrals for anything fishy at all, like if the CC name you paid your $5 shipping and handling with doesn't match the name you signed up with (on Offercentric).

    Also, just like CPA networks, there are some networks that suck balls (like Freepay which only gives you 30 days from the time you go green to get your referrals--such a waste of time...). That's why Offercentric is like the authority as of 2012. All of the other ones suck balls.

    Conga lines:
    There used to be a few good Conga-Line sites out there, but now I think the niche is almost completely dead. I have yet to find a high traffic conga forum comparable to congablast or freeipodguide (the biggest ones back in the day). And that sucks because I still need greens ;(.

    So, in an effort to explain these "free" sites, I have discovered a great way to start one up here.

    Check this out:


    ^That is a conga line.^
    Pretty basic huh?

    You sign up with the link given, then post once you have completed the offer (i.e. "gone green"). Then the first person in line confirms you are green, and the post is edited. Once number one has all req'd greens, the line is updated (2 now becomes 1).

    1. If there is a dispute, screen shots are the proof.
    2. If number one in line isn't active for 3 days (doesn't confirm that someone has gone green), the person that signed up under him will upload a screenshot of the green and number one will be placed on hold so nobody waste's greens. Once the user becomes active again, he will have priority as the next in line.
    3. If somebody's green goes red (it didn't pass Offercentrics background test), they will be removed no questions asked. Sometimes this happens for stupid reasons like the advertiser (Netflix or something) reports a failed charge or something. It also happens a lot because people use VCC's and stuff.

    I will post my affiliate link in a bit.

    In the meantime, isn't it good to know that those "free" ipod offers you promote are somewhat legit?

    Your money is clean!