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    May 26, 2008
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    Hey guy's,

    Not being a web designer this may be a daft question! Whats the difference between HTML and XHTML?! I am looking into getting a couple of websites built for an offline client and keep finding people on forums etc quoting all these different programming terms. Basically, what would be the best solution for an offline clients site?

    Also, a lot of guy's seem to be designing in photoshop and then getting the design coded seperately? What are the disadvantages here? Are there any!??

    Any help would be greatfully received! :confused:
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    XHTML is easier to maintain, is XSL ready and is easier to teach apparently over html, it's kinda more up to date version of HTML. Whether you use XHTML or HTML depends on the needs of the project.

    The only dis-advantage to getting design and coding done separately i can think of would be if the designer isn't very knowledgeable with website design. E.G. some design are terrible to code as the design can sometimes not be very extendable. If i wanted a blog design it would need to be able to expand vertically as more posts got added to the site, if the design doesn't account for this then it can be impossible to code it with out it looking rubbish or breaking.

    If you gonna do this just make sure the designer know what they doing :p

    I recently was paid to code a terrible design, which took ages because each page was so unique... I tried to explain their design was what took so long to code not me, so now they aren't paying me... All because they are retards... And now i haven't eaten in 4 days because of them, i'll probably run out of electric soon aswell...

    Their site is called like2fight...

    So yeah don't get caught out by retards like this...