[Confused] To sell private blog networks or domains only?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by MarkWW, May 7, 2012.

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    This is not an advertising thread. Soon I will have my official selling thread up and running on BHW.
    I want to see market demand, in order to better serve BHW members and other SEO folks, and make profit ;)

    I keep getting this idea of building a private blog network, or selling high PR websites in bulk:

    - To offer 8 PR3, 4 PR4, and 2 PR5.
    - Strong portfolio of whitehat backlinks (possibly thousands), from many different IPs.
    - Domains are Aged and never dropped.
    - Subpages that have a high PR are rebuilt, High PR backlinks that point to subpages are rebuilt as well.
    - 4 Fresh and 100% unique articles posted.
    - All domains with whois privacy.
    - Different theme assigned to each website.
    - All domains to be hosted on 1 seo hosting provider, but will all have different IPs and different nameservers.
    - Guarantee if PR drops to 0, domain will be replaced. If PR goes down from PR5 to PR4 for example, there will be no replacement.

    I don't know if many people will be interested in such stuff. If yes, what would be the cost for such network? I just wanna see if it's at all worth going for it.


    I should simply sell the domains as domains only...?

    Again, this is not an advertising thread, I do not have what I mentioned above, but I will have it as soon as my official thread is up.
    Your inputs are greatly appreciated!!!