Confused: Need vps for: TW, IG, SC bots, multi spotify. Size? All on 1? Split up?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by punkinhead, Sep 5, 2015.

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    Feb 19, 2015
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    I'm currently running all sorts of things on a bunch of small old pc's at my house. Want to put them all on modern vps so I can run from anywhere, but confused about a few things. Here's what I want to be able to run:

    125 TW accounts (via FollowLiker)
    25 IG accounts (RootJazz IG bot)
    25 G+ accounts (RootJazz G+ bot)
    25 SoundCloud accounts (RootJazz SC Manager)

    I also need to run 10 instances of Spotify. I'm currently doing this via browser and imacros since I don't have better way worked out yet. Each instance uses just over half a GB/month of bandwidth.

    So... that's a hodgepodge mess, right? Right now I've got an item or two per computer on these old PC's. Should I:

    1) Get one big vps and run everything on it at once? (8+Gigs of ram, unmetered, etc)
    2) Split it up across multiple vps? If so, how should it be split?

    I've got very aggressive settings on the social media accounts (each TW account follows/unfollows 900/day, etc), and everything for all activities is being run through 25 proxies if that info is helpful.

    Never set up a vps before, but my computer running TW took a dump this morning, so wanna move ASAP.

    Also, is unmetered a real thing, or should I just stick with an honest capped figure, and does the location of the vps matter? Should I be trying to get a vps physically located near my US location, and/or physically near the proxy locations?

    Also, most vps say they have windows 2012 or whatever. I'm assuming that's the server version, but do all the windows apps (like FollowLiker) run on that same as they would on any other Windows system?

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    hey buddy how do u run spotify instances?