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    hey guys,

    I'm a little confused about Google's T&C's regarding affiliate redirects. If I but a domain like: stopsmellyfeetnow.c0m and redirect this domain to an affiliate's landing page, this is a problem in Adwords yeah?

    What if I host this domain, and use a .htaccess redirect to the affiliate page is this still a problem in Adwords?

    What if I have a generic-offers.c0m domain and want to link to many affiliate offers, eg. generic-offers.c0m/free-credit-report and generic-offers.c0m/home-insurance redirect to separate affiliate offers, how do I do this in Adwords without them suspending my account?

    Is the only option to create my own landing page per offer and then provide affiliate links from there?

    Are there ways to grab free articles off an article database and rewrite them so they're unique?

    I want to do this in a bulk fashion rather quickly. I would really appreciate any tips or pointers in the right direction.

    Many thanks,
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    Google doesn't care as long as the DISPLAY URL is the URL that the visitor ends up at.

    Example: Your ad links to stopsmellyfeetnow.c0m which redirects to goldsfootpowder.c0m

    In your ad you put stopsmellyfeetnow.c0m as the Destination URL and goldsfootpowder.c0m as the Display URL.

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    Hope this helps :)
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    their is no need of confusion looking here all friends have given good feed back for the topic