Confuse with Payment processing choice and how to avoid account closed

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by jay2success, Feb 22, 2012.

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    I am preparing my software product for launch but i am confuse with payment processing choice, i have read many threads but still can't decide what's the best option.

    The choice are:
    1. Paypal
    I read many horror stories about it and it makes me afraid to use them but on the other side, i checked many gurus or marketers use them without problems selling millions of dollars, example check marketsamurai, sicksubmitter, senuke, etc. Is there magic tricks how to avoid account frozen/closing when using them?

    2. 2Checkout
    Higher fees but seems safer for few people, i also read many horror stories with them but not as much as paypal. There are few marketers using them and it seems fine, example magicsubmitter. Can someone tell me your experience using them?

    3. Alertpay
    Other options that IM friendly but have many problems especially with credit cards and it doesn't have paypal support.

    Please share me your experience, all your helps will be appreciated.
    Thanks a lot for reading this.