Confiscated by customs?


Nov 19, 2008
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I have had a package from China held by customs since the 12th, anybody have advice on what I can do about this? F.Y.I. the package contains 14 NFL jerseys.
Tell them that its a matter of life and death if you dont receive the
you can hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up faster. Once they hold it, nothing you say or do will help that other than going there directly and bribing, which would probably cost more than they are worth. Always seperate the orders so loss is not all.
same thing happened to me it sucks, i had 4 grand in cell phone stuck in customs in KY via ups. I stayed in touch with the lady at ups for a month and finally the released it but NOT to me, they sent it back to the shipper in which i had to pay like $400 shipping. Then i had to pay my shipper again to reship it, at the end i got it but whole process is slow and really sucks. I agree, always keep the orders small when coming in from china
i am sure NFL is a trademark and those are NOT genuine.

Have fun in JAIL....dont drop the soap..and watch "Big Jim"... .)
Good news is that my supplier will replace the items but he keeps telling me to wait 10 more days and they will clear. The bad news is that all these jerseys were orders for Christmas, sorry kids!
Some of these comments make baby jesus cry, come on your not going to jail for sending 15 jerseys thru customs, they prob are not going to take um cause of the small amount of jerseys, remember its cmas, you have people sending gifts all over the world, incoming outgoing customs so your package is just held up, i know ladies who are getting 20-50 purses every other day thru customs and not a single problem, they are more worried about food, drugs, etc, but the big thing is that you didnt read up on shipping before buying a grip of jerseys, every package could be a loss, your connection in china is not really going to resend the jerseys it cost 45.50 to send 5lbs, a jersey is just over a single pound, so your looking at roughly 130 in shipping, he isnt going to take that loss, so thats why he keeps telling you 10 more days, 10 more days, but ive had packages take several weeks to get thru and those being nothing that could get me in trouble, silk ties, etc for work, but dont count on someone on the other side of the world being honest
People know that what customs want they get?? Seen this personally they run out of something BAM confiscated what a better place to get free stuff and not have a way to get it back!!
I live in New Zealand but when i was ordering from china i always got them to write on the top "Gift, 50 Dollar Value" Or something to that effect. So that they "usually" dont open it up to see what your about to sell on ebay.
Chances are you will not get this back. You will get a piece of mail that has a green letter in telling you that they jacked your crap and there is phone and address you can contact about. if your stuff is replica stuff, i would just let it go and dont respond to anything you get in the mail. Remember, they intercept thousands of packages.
I know they are hard to find but I purchase from someone who will re-send a shipment if you provide them with a confiscation letter. But if they re-send it has to be to a different name/address. They only send airmail and I get it through DHL. They also say they also always send from different locations. They say since they send airmail from different locations that most of their stuff gets through.

I am not sure how that all works but I haven't had a problem yet:)
they are probably fake jerseys and were confiscated by customs for that reason...
i am sure NFL is a trademark and those are NOT genuine.

Have fun in JAIL....dont drop the soap..and watch "Big Jim"... .)

That's just lame. You call yourself BlackHat? And you promote it in your sig? Yet you tell someone not to drop the soap over something as lame as jerseys?
Could be the holiday season, I also have bunch of packages that are being held. They will be released eventually, though. If they are really confiscated, you should have already received a letter.
Is your package still in China or already in the US?

You should know they may be busy for the holidays.

Another thing is they might have certain restrictions on how many pieces of clothing you can have shipped in one container if you don't have a business license.

You need to find the reason why they're holding your package in the first place. Give them a call and if they ask why you're importing so many pieces, just tell them they were Christmas presents.
Had many experience with this kinda shit.

Right now there's nothing you can do, except to keep in touch with the seller. I hope you bought the jerseys from a responsible wholeseller who is willing to reship the items to you for free.

You won't go to jail or anything becoz there is no proof that you are reselling. If somebody does call you, just say you are buying them for yourself blah blah blah.

Good luck.
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