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[Concept] Make money with myspace artists (or youtube)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by buck, May 27, 2009.

  1. buck

    buck Regular Member

    Apr 8, 2007
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    I just wanted to toss my 2 cents in on this and how easy it is...(NOT DOING THIS FOR PROFIT BUT CAN BE USED FOR THAT EASILY!!!)

    If you don't mind doing some web design (which nowadays = using warez templates or ripping other sites if you want to be lazy, not my approach but just a thought for the lazy)

    I personally hate myspace and don't use it for personal use. But I met an artist on there I had known a few yrs back that was a nobody, and now is doing pretty well (rapper who has produced beats for 3 souljaboy songs, has done a couple features with Rick Ross) yet he still didn't have a personal website or a LABEL (was kinda doing his own thing)

    He has 2 different accounts on there, with about 5mil page views on 1, and 900,000 on another, and at the time around 60,000 friends. Also a youtube account of course (accounts are young because of course he was "hacked" and lost his original account)

    My thought process was hell he's a friend i'll put together a site for him, whatever he's looking for assuming its not expensive or really time consuming (since i was offering this for free). I told him i'd do the site for free and all, just don't expect it to be done in 2 days since i do have a regular day job..and this is part time and free

    So he gave me the idea and domain he wanted. I started working on it using joomla and some other stuff based on what he was looking for.

    Now how to possible make money from this (like i said i haven't been doing this for profit but considering how many people i have lined up to do sites for, it wouldn't be hard)

    1. Contact artists on there that are moderately popular online...good amount of friends/page views
    2. Be like yo, i do websites for free for people that i feel deserve it or are trying to make it, helps with exposure and getting your name out there outside of myspace, etc etc (works every single time)
    3. Tell them you are really busy but could easily set them up a blog, or forum or whatever (keep it simple to start unless they are pretty popular you might want to make something a little fancier
    4. there is some investment, for the domains. i have a few servers so i dont pay "extra" for hosting
    5. After you make the site, its free advertising cause they'll tell all their friends at myspace/youtube to "check out mysite"
    6. Once the traffic starts rolling in, place an ad or 2, or a link to other site of yours on there and just let it ride. They update the content (if its a blog or some form of joomla site they can post on) because they're giving updates and all that jazz on their "personal" site about their music and such
    7. Once you find an artist or two, start looking at their friends for more artists to contact, and you can get an endless amount of artists to work with

    With that being said:
    YES you do have to do some work (just dont promise huge website to start, make it seem like its another way for them to get their name out there with a simple blog and stuff to keep fans updated)
    YES there is minimal investment (domains, maybe hosting, and time)
    YES there is potential easy reward down the road since they provide the free traffic

    NO this isn't a simple make money now idea, its a concept for you to work with and move forward on
    NO i don't have "stats" because I don't do this for money, i do it for the real reason i started it which was to help them out because i can afford to and have some free time to

    In the time i was messaging people, i got about 20 people interested in me doing a website out of about 25 ppl i msged.

    Another option you can offer is if you have reseller hosting, say if u need a website i can hook you up with the free domain. Add them on there and let them build something themselves using the website builder tools on like cpanel. I have done this with 1 user and he gets around 150 uniques a day after he put his site online, but i haven't put any ads on there yet myself.

    As a side note, there are some perks to this potentially. I've gotten to meet one of the dudes i found who lives in my city and check out their studio downtown. I run a layout website, and one of the artists was actually a layout designer who makes HQ stuff, so he actually does layouts for me in return now. It's not all about money sometimes :)

    Maybe somebody will find this helpful!
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  2. SEO20

    SEO20 Elite Member

    Mar 25, 2009
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    Seems like a decent Idea - gave me a little idea too - thanks man.
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  3. projectx

    projectx BANNED BANNED

    Dec 4, 2006
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    i was doing the same basic stuff 3 years ago. I give small business free 3 page websites.(did in 1 hour)
    what i did was putting my own adsene on. I told them if the want remove it , the should donate me 50 bucks for host and domain, after they did that i leave a small link in the footer'' designed by my domain.com''

    You can exploit this with 1000's of other ideas.
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    Last edited: May 27, 2009
  4. jakeumms

    jakeumms Regular Member

    Dec 1, 2008
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    Student, Scholar, Money Machine...
    Inside of your mom's TomTom.
    This sounds like a fun project. I like web design, and this could be really rewarding. Not huge cash, but you you get yourself like 20 clients you could be making about $100/daily on auto (csing/cpalead/codebreaker). Fuck adsense.
  5. shadowpwner

    shadowpwner Regular Member

    Apr 19, 2009
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    I can see this working. Making websites for people that want to be 'on teh intertubes' seems easy profit/lots of 'customers'.