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    Hello BHW.

    I am Con Artist, I choose that name for a gazzillion reasons relative to myself, namely because of my love for Grifters, personally I think them to be the smartest people in the world. Not the scummy sort mind you. Also because I am a designer - a CONfident ARTIST.

    Sinse I was young I wanted alot from life, I have always wanted to be a hacker, a Grifter, have tonnes of money and own a few business's. Online Marketing seems to be a great starting point.

    I am completly new to internet marketing, though I have spent the last few months practicing my Designs and learning XHTML and CSS.

    I am 18 and very keen to learn and stay focused and dedicated.

    Anyone willing to help me start up then thats great, I will do what I can learning from Tutorials and what not and asking questions.

    Con Artist.