Complete Scrapebox Setup.

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    Ok so fellow BHW members, finally i have decided to Start a Scrapebox service. I am doing so because i need some quick Startup cash for a upcoming Big project in 2011. I have been doing research about Scrapebox, i have read tutorials, ebooks and watched videos. Now i feel i am ready to start the service to introductory users. But before i get to finalize my Shopping cart, i need some advice from people who are already using scrapebox. So please go ahead and help me. You may also add the do's and don't do'z in the thread.

    1. I am Buying Scrapebox and Lifetime access to Scrapebox proxies
    2. Will be going for a 100mbps windows VPS located in Germany.
    3.Will be buying a list of High PR auto approve list

    Is anything left out ?? Do i need something more to provide scrapebox service??