Complete Newbie at Stock Market and Life in General

Discussion in 'Business & Tax Advice' started by Nathan B, Mar 22, 2009.

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    Let me start off saying, I'm young, and even younger in IM. I'm 13 years old, and started IM Mid November of last year.

    I currently have about $2,000 unspent after taxes. I was thinking, I am young now, would investing in the Stock Market help me out in long term?

    Let's say invest in a few large companies that will practically never go down from the bail out money they are receiving, (Correct me if I'm wrong) AIG for instance, after years of having it bounce around, maybe when I'm 30, where would it be at? I know there is no way of predicting these things, but there has to be a few people who invested years ago here and toke it out before the Recession began to grow to what it is today.

    Nathan B
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    nathan , nathan, nathan. if you are really only 13 years old, congrats on making it to jr. vip. now for a little life lesson:

    continue to concentrate on learning how to make money by earning it yourself first. then learn how to start and run a business. then learn how to make that business profitable and "scale up". the rest will fall into place.

    placing your money in the hands of someone (or some company) that you do not know what they are doing with your money may work out for you, but as many are finding out these days it may also not. focus on investing your profits into what is making you money and trust that.

    there is enough time to learn the investing-speculating-gambling game of the stock market.

    before anyone wants to start flaming me, i was a "successful" investment advisor for many years.

    hope that helps...
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    Glad you have that long term view at the age of 13.
    Keep a portion of your riches regularly in something relatively stable and long term (10 year plus), will definitely help when you need it.
    You decide whether that should be 10, 20% or 50% or whatever.
    You can put the rest in higher risk areas, or just outright spend them for fun.

    But don't just trust anything will be stable forever, so you still need to keep tab on major news of your investment instead of just blindly believing it is safe.
    A lot of the companies now in trouble are ones we once thought the bluest blue chips.

    Gook luck.
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    Forget about the stocks right now since its still going up and down and many ppl are saying it hasn't hit the rock bottom yet, not that i want it to though. I would suggest investing that money to IM, only when needed though. 2k isn't a lot for investing so why not earn more while you are still young because i see better return when doing IM than gambling (stocks). Its like a sure win if done right. That's just my 2 cents.