Complete BHW Guide to Making Money on the Internet (Curation of Best Posts)


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Feb 21, 2012
In honor of my 100[SUP]th[/SUP] post on BHW and that I just became a Jr. VIP, I?ve decided to make a list of the most useful threads to Make Money I?ve read on BHW with a quick summary and divided by categories. It took quite a bit of time to collate everything and I certainly have missed some great posts (I?m sorry) but please point them out and I?ll add them.

If you can?t find anything that works for you, don?t even try flipping burgers at McDonalds, the Clown called and they won?t even consider you for his job?

Hope it helps!

For Newbies

If you?re just getting started, make sure to read the following threads:
How To Make Money Online - Getting Started
By coreygeer
Great place to start, it lays all the foundation for any techniques mentioned below.

BS Your Way to Internet Riches
By stumickel
All the basics concepts and information you need to get started.​

Making Money Offline
Start a Web Design / SEO / PPC Agency
There are many ways to use the concepts that you?ve learned with Internet Marketing and apply them offline.

Banking Over $4,000/month - Sneaky 7 Step Offline Method
By boomboomer
Detailed strategy to sell offline SEO services to SMB.

How I built my offline SEO/Social Media empire earning $15,000 a month in three months!!!
by Taktical
Amazing Guide with strategy to start an SEO agency. Taktical even gave away some free templates to start your own company.

Niche site and Sell Advertisement to Local Professionals
By The Dark One
Smart strategy about creating niche site for professionals, make it rank and sell advertisement.

Sending Mail with Dices - The 7878 Method
By 7878
Smart way to send a snail mail to prospective clients in need of Online Reputation Management

Detailed strategy to launch an SEO business
By netmoney1
Very detailed strategy to launch an offline business and get your first few clients.

Other Offline Strategies

Use Hot Chicks to give flyers and send to CPA offer
By netmoney1
This one is quite funny and involves hiring models to handout flyers asking guys to fill out an offer.​

Creating Niche Sites

You do some keyword research and create a site targeting specific interests. You attract traffic through SEO or other means and you either add advertisement or affiliate products.
$100 A Day In Adsense From 1 Blog - Have Done It Before Now Showing You How To Do It
by Bluematter
Amazing journey with great explanation on how to start an adsense site, make it rank and get good revenues out of it. (you need to reed through the whole thread)

The Niche Guide ? Intro & Part 1 (Finding a Niche)
by Wealthy199
Introduction to creating Niche Site and How to find a good niche.

The Niche Guide ? Part 2 (Understanding your target audience)
by Wealthy199
Explains how to understand your audience for niche sites

How I make 15K a month at AdSense
By doug
Old, Simple but effective method to create a niche site and monetize through Adsense.​


Many people chose to create youtube video instead of websites to generate traffic and then offer Pay-per-Install (PPI), Pay-per-Download (PPD), Cost-per-Action or other offers.
Cost-per-Action (CPA)

How to Create a Video to Promote a CPA offer
By Harro
Strategy using CPA and Youtube to make money. It was written in 2007 but the strategy still works.

KINLEE's journey to $10,000 a month with PPD/CPA
By Kinlee
Great journey with a ton of information on how to promote and create Youtube videos to promote your PPD and CPA offers.​


My Slow, Deliberate Progression to $700/week with Youtube + Clickbank
By spiderblast
Amazing thread from spiderblast with a ton of information on how to rank Youtube Videos and make money from them with clickbank products.​

Pay-per-Install (PPI)
Journey to 5000$/month with (mostly) PPI
By Irishsoul
Method using Youtube video uploads to generate traffic to PPI offers.​

Social Media Techniques

Amazon to Twitter. Automate your income. No investments needed
By gerbill
Easy technique to promote Amazon products on Twitter​

[Journey] Pinterest + adsense
By Vekkata
Method using Pinterest traffic to send to blog and monetize through Adsense.

Reposting Popular Pin to Generate Traffic
By Joshweaver9
Very simple and basic method to save and repost the most popular pins on Pinterest to generate traffic and send to your adsense site.

Reposting Popular Recipe Pins
By Raffy
Another good pinterest threads with details on how to repin popular recipe images.

Promote CPA offers to your Facebook Fan Page
By Onlineentrepreneur
Hire someone to add fans to your Facebook page and promote CPA offers to your fans.​

Other Techniques to Make Money Online
Selling Backlinks

Make Money Selling Unlimited Backlinks
By exodusms
Good strategy to sell backlinks to clients​

Adult Sites and e-Whoring
Men are dogs. Let?s make the most out of it! There are plenty of ways to trick men into subscribing to sites such as Adult Friend Finder and to get a commission out of it such as pretending to be a girl and to want to chat on AFF or to add affiliate links in free ebooks.

Create Adult and Sex ebooks with Affiliate Links
By The Lazy Pig
He explains how to create ebooks and add your affiliate links to adult sites.

Trick Guys in Completing CPA offers
By exodusms
Strategy using myspace that you can adapt to Facebook that consists of tricking guys in completing affiliate or CPA offers.

Create Sex Site and Promote with Social Media
By reinstecker
Detailed instructions on how to create Adult Niche Site and to promote it with Social Media

Commenting on Videos with Affiliate Offer
By Pakelika10
He comments on adult videos and sends people to his Affiliate Link

Media Buying
As wasted mentions, Media Buying can be anything from buying banner space on a website, contextual ads, a sponsored tweet, or a blog post. Then you redirect the traffic to your own Landing Page.

The Secrets to Media Buying - Getting Started ? Part I
By wasted
Good guide explaining the basics of Media Buying and promoting an offer.

The Secrets to Media Buying - How IT makes Millions of Dollars ? Part II
By wasted
Focus on the Offer and Re-Marketing.​

Classified Ads and Auction Sites
There are many ways to use the classified ads sites to promote affiliate products or CPA offers.

Offer Amazon Products through Classified Ads ? Part I
By 2011nfl
Using classified ads to get some Amazon sales

Amazon + Youtube + Adsense + Email Marketing + Classifieds = Money ? Part II
By 2011nfl
Method using Youtube to generate traffic and sending it to Amazon or Adsense

Buy and Resell products on eBay
By Smitty
Explains how to make money with Ebay products by purchasing and reselling products​

Buying cryptocurrencies at a low price and reselling them.

How I made 40 bitcoins in 2 months trading IPO coins
By Patel
Explanation of how to buy new cryptocurrencies in their initial stage.​

Selling Articles
Use Voice Recognition to Write and Sell Articles
By Shaqsquash
He uses a voice recognition software to ?write articles? and sell them. The website mentioned in this article isn?t working anymore but you can replace it with Textbroker, iWriter, etc.​

Commenting with Google Alert to Promote your site
By Meathead1234
He explains how to use Google Alerts to be the first to comment on a topic and send traffic to your website.​

Mailing List

Making Money With Email Lists - My 40k/Month Strategy

By Nuklearedm
How to create a large mailing list through ads and promoting CB products to your list.​


Selling Products on Amazon
By isaiahz
How to leverage the Amazon marketplace by selling products and using dropshipping to send them.

Resell Fiverr Gigs

How to Resell Fiverr Gigs for profits

By Leith
Take the most useful Fiverr gigs and resell them for a profit.​

That's it for now. As I mentioned, if you think I forgot anything, please don't hesitate to write it down in this thread and I'll try to edit this post to include it.

Finally, I'd like to thank all the guys that took the time to write their methods and their journeys in the above-mentioned threads. There's a lot of amazing information contained in them and it certainly helped me along the way!
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Thank you so much! This is the perfect guide to get started for me as a beginner. So much useful information
Awesome.I'm subscribed to this thread.Thanks for the share Op.
me too, found a lot of useful thread to read here.

Thank you so much! This is the perfect guide to get started for me as a beginner. So much useful information

Thanks guys for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I started gathering all the threads that I thought could be useful 2 weeks ago!

Let me know if I forgot anything!
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Subscribed! I am glad someone finally did this, instead of posting on someone's help thread suggesting they use the search button. I like this idea, and was going to do it the other day as I saw one of these on another site.

I subscribed, thanks bud!
Subscribed & bookmarked, this is an awesome thread. Thanks for the share.
Thank you for this list. Good place to start.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

Subscribed! I am glad someone finally did this, instead of posting on someone's help thread suggesting they use the search button. I like this idea, and was going to do it the other day as I saw one of these on another site.

I subscribed, thanks bud!

Thanks Rowebil, I thought the same thing when I was reading posts from newbies asking how to get started. It's now a good place to start. :)

Thanks for the shout out ^_^

You're welcome. You deserve it! You have a great thread on Youtube/PPD/CPA. I love how after 38 pages you still answer all the questions being asked!
Thanks for this nice compilation. Checking out the threads now, there have been plenty that I have missed! :p
definately useful - and I hope newer members take advantage of the work you have done here.
Nice one dude, but the links aren't showing on my Mobile device. . Will be checking out on PC.
This is a fairly nice list that will help newer members. Most of this information I have already read in the past, but i'm sure it will help people who are just getting started. Great share, keep them up and you will receive a lot of credibility.

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