complete armaggedon

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what do u call a g-nome

  1. an ese drinkin a 40 on your lawn

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  2. and what happened to travelocity gnome

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    hey a virii might break out soon... one used to hack waves and over take different waves, and fry and melt chips, nodes, and every processing unit, and comp, satellite, complete armaggedon and stone age maker, im talking about power plants, servers of every kind, cars, bombs, its going to be complete armaggedon... they hacked my brain about what i did 28 years ago, and the proggie i created, but never released... overload mayhem and destruction... my fucking hoe is blowing up my phone... cya, hey its me black dragon apocalypteon... cya...
    we will contact you soon.. please be pattient

    they hacked my brain and forced the leak of the confidential info, its like the worm that hacks your email and attaches itself to other contacts and sends shit spiraling out of control, but its used for waves, then overloads, try to create an overload bot or something that shuts off the... someone just hacked my brain and cancelled my anti virus thought...

    cerate the bot anti virus wave that once it starts taking up memory or space massive amounts of it to cause a shut down, melt down, or chip fry due to overloaded activity to go into a hybernation state thus preventing it to use waves to attach itself to other wave making shits...

    create not cerate

    just like gps fucks with a car... complete stonage armageddon...

    can you dox my nut sack? ill imk,hgtfx bmgnrfsz