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    Tool are only as good as the user. A hammer can make a dog house or a castle. Same hammer, different thinking and end goal.

    When I am using KeywordSpy. I am looking to see a few things...

    Who is the competition?
    What are they saying to the market?
    How are they handling their adwords account?
    Are they using dynamic insert?
    Are they using one ad for everything?
    Are they geo targeting?
    Are they using general phrases?
    Are the phrases specific?
    What does the landing page look like?
    What is the offer?
    What is the suspected keyword conversation?
    What is the ad promising?
    What is the click promise?
    Are they delivering on the landing page?
    Are they have an idea that I have not had?
    Do they have an angle that I have not thought of?
    How can I write the ad better?
    Can I write a better landing page?
    What is the common offer in the marketplace?
    What can I offer that is low cost and high value based on what the competition is offering?
    I am looking to see how to improve on and move faster than the other guy to get to market or redefine the offer for a market that is untapped or under marketed to. Since I am not looking just to "get the keyword list", I can "see" more while looking at the data.

    Now after I have done that. I grab the keyword families that make the most sense targeted for my offer and do keyword level tracking on them to see if they convert against my offer. It is mechanical after than. Write copy. Words in the right order. Keep and Kill.

    Keep the ones that convert. Kill the ones that don't.

    End of short answer...

    **** Ok here we go******

    What you have to remember is the the keyword is the start of a conversation and will do nothing until it bumps up against an offer that resonates with the concerns of the person who is typing in the keyword. This is the standard buying cycle. You can't sell until they are looking to buy. There are certain questions (read keywords) that someone will use when they have gathered all the info that they need and are ready to buy.

    What you are trying to find out is what offer matches a keyword wherever they are in the buying cycle.

    If you catch someone who is looking for information, and give them the info they want they will buy at some point maybe. That is the need for the list building.

    If you catch someone who is looking to buy the information *and* offer they want they will buy right now.

    Your offer can handle multiple concerns. It is up to you to find the highest level concern to speak to and then segment down from there.

    An example...

    Selling Gun Safes.

    Who makes it:

    Brand Model Make
    These people know what they are looking for. At the end of the buying cycle...

    I ask myself.....Can I get a list of the items to the model number. Can I dynamically insert the keyset into the ad and the landing page?

    Here's how I think as I dissect an offer

    What is it: A Gun Safe.

    Object? Big box.

    Does What? Keeps Guns in. Keeps People Out.

    People? Kinds of People...Male, Female, Young, Old

    Who owns the guns: Adult... Daddy (most likely)

    See the breakdown before I look at keywords. I have criteria and a conversation that I want to look into *before* I start looking around.

    His concern: My kids in the house.

    Selling Big Heavy Boxes
    Selling Boxes to keep guns safe.
    Selling Boxes to keep people safe.
    Selling boxes to keep small people safe.
    Selling boxes to keep children safe
    Who is going to buy this?

    Gun owners
    Gun owners who have kids
    Gun owners who are concerned about kids.
    Now I go to KeywordSpy to find out if the people that I want to sell are on the radar of the competition. If so great.

    How are they communicating to the market?
    What you need to know here is that... all you have are words. And all you can do is test your offer against the keywords to see how they interact.

    Using KeywordSpy Or SpyFu will not "give" you anything unless you come to the tool with your own thinking and criteria around:

    What is your offer
    Who are you looking to sell to
    What might be there reason for buying
    What are they trying to handle by buying the product or service
    What are the different ways or angles that a buyer would look for this item.
    A search is just asking a question of the search engine for information. 1,000,000 searches and no sales is very possible. Wrong keyword, Market Offer Interaction.

    You are looking for buying questions thus the need to track at the keyword to the event level.

    The needle in the haystack is the keyword. These tools give you what the competition is doing so that you don't have to start from scratch. But you have to start before you look at the competition or you will get confused and think they know something you don't.

    They have keywords and an offer. You will have their keywords, their offer and your thinking see if your offer works.

    Bear in mind that the competition can be foolish and this tells me what *not* to do in my campaigns.

    So look to these tools for more than the keyword list.

    The keywords are queries and therefore market entry points. Further, keywords are direct lines into the minds of the searcher that make up the market that you are trying to service.

    Again tools are only as good as the strategy, criteria and thinking of the user.

    - David Bullock
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    Man you've been churning out some awesome posts dude, I've gone through all of them and are all quality. Another Thanks given
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    Great Post ! Thanks for the tips about Keyword Spy - cleared up a few things for me
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    some of this stuff really makes you think outside the box and thats what will set you apart from other IM.. great post!
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    Whats that keyword search engine beginning with e that tells you the keyword searches people searched for during any month?