Competitive intelligence/ Business Consultancy - How & where to find it?

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    I have been scouring the internet for past 3 years to sniff something that I could work on. There are only a handful of businesses that caught my eye such as Traffic reseller/Selling perfumes online/Backlinks sales/Setting up own ad network etc. - All of them either turned out to be scams on deeper analysis or too complicated to start.
    I have looked at buy sell sites like flippa - waste of time and money. Noticed that most sites sold on flippa are shut down within 6-12 months of sale. So much for 4 and 6 figures revenue.
    Looked at some WSOs. Totally insane.
    Looked at sites being sold on other IM forums like DP, wallpapers/ebooks/script clones/excat domain name blah blah - gimme a break please.
    Have also looked at lots and lots of other websites selling online businesses - shady and sometimes clear fraud.
    Anyways, lets come to real point of this thread.
    One thing I have not come across is the place where one can find someone who is ready divulge name and methodology of revenue generating site/method and can hold your hand for first few weeks till launch etc. for a fee. Guaranteed business consultancy charges for guaranteed revenue.
    This is something that can be easily done by those who are working for succesful businesses or for someone who wants to franchise out his own business in a non competitive niche or geo region.
    Is there anyhting like this out there somewhere?