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    Do you guys care about competition ? I use to get afraid of competition and never did things (this was when I started out, that time I didn't even know they were my competition, I thought they were some other people).Then after I learn things, I don't get afraid of competition but I use to worry alot of competition and never done alot of things.Now, I don't care competition, I do my work and move towards my goal.

    What you guys think about competition, do you care competition, are you afraid of your competitor that they will find out what you do ?

    "I hope I will get some response"

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    You do get responses dan. I just posted in your other thread and so did another member.

    Anyway, we all care about our competition. One of the first things we do is keyword research. We try to find long tail keywords because there is less competition. In fact, once a long tail keyword is found, we further research it by checking who and how many direct competitors we would have.

    So to answer your question, we start by trying to find our competitors. Research them and find out two things: what are they doing right and what they are going wrong. Then figure out how you can use that information to do it better.
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    Hi Dan,

    At first, I was not so much "worried" about competition as I was "aware" of it, and considered it as a variable when starting a new project. I didn't have time to worry too much about it, as I REALLY needed the money to make a living.

    Right now I'm trying to make a shift in my way of thinking. I'm trying to develop models where competition itself is less of a factor and more of a variable to look for as a sign of market viability and JV possibilities. That's not new to WH thinking at all - John Reese comes to mind -, but I'm trying to give it a twist.

    You see, I'm convinced that if your whole business is truly unique ( unique product/service; unique marketing methods; unique management; unique product design; unique mission and commitment; even re-defining the market to approach new targets), competition becomes irrelevant and the existance of other players in an initial market is good. Of course, the kind of relationships established amongst them should change accordingly and so should your general attitude towards your customers and your business as a whole.

    What do you guys think?

    ( btw, don't think this thread is in the right section )