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    so we know how to works. You have a keyword, then you put it into your keyword research tool and look for two main things:

    a. search volume
    b. how many competing pages

    can we clarify numbers we should look for with these.

    What is the minimum search volume we should be willing to make an effort for.

    What is the maximum number of competing pages before its not worth the effort?
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    If you want to go after a low competitive niche go for something like this:

    *on google:
    Keyword between "quotes"= between 1.000 - 100.000 results
    Keyword with Allinanchor = between 1 - 2.500 results
    Keyword with Allintitle = between 1 - 2.500 results

    Also look at the competitors pages that are top10 in SERPS for your keyword:

    - How many backlinks do they have?
    - which anchor text do they got in there backlinks?
    - Have they optimized there pages for your keyword? (title,description,image alt, bold, meta, h1, url etc)
    - What is there Pagerank?
    - What is there domain age?

    Also check if the websites in the google results for your keyword are Main index-pages or sub-pages. If your find alot sub-pages (e.g in the top25 serps your competition is low aswell.

    Always use "exact" searchvolume in google's keyword tool. (like 1000+ per month). Then check wordtracker if it matches up a bit.
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