Competing For New Business, How Would You Charge For This

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm working to earn some new business with a partner of mine. He owns a well respected web design company and I have an SEO/PPC consulting company so we do a lot of work together.

    Anyway I passed him a lead for a guy who wants to drive traffic to this site but understands basically that his site is so old it most likely wont convert well, so we're doing a re-design first.
    We're competing with another web design company who is offering an additional service. I'm sure we could do the same thing.. question is.. how would I set specifications around it so expectations are met when we do the job and also how to price it.

    The client sent us the competing company's quote. (good news)
    Option A :
    10,000 words ?. Word count can be allocated towards articles, blog posts, social media content, email/newsletter content, landing page content and corresponding infographic content
    * photos included with all articles
    *1 - Enhanced Infographic per quarter (please refer to graphics catalogue for various size descriptions)
    *1 - 1,000 word white paper with formatting per quarter (refer to graphics catalog for visual)
    *Ongoing consulting for Search, Social and Email Marketing with monthly advanced reporting and analytics

    Never seen competing quotes from web design companies look like this and I'm not really sure how to address it.