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    If you are having a time getting people to complete your CPA offers because you can't find a decent landing page or make a decent landing page, consider WP blogs.

    I love WP. I love that you can do basically anything with a wp blog. A great way use them is to setup a one page blog with a compelling story that really aims to connect with the readers. Something like:

    "Single Mom Earns $3k a Month off Government Funding" (bet you know what offers we will target....=P)

    I was a single mom with two kids to feed, but even my admin job could not make ends meet for us. Without the help of my friends, I would not be able to quit my job and spend more time with my kids. I did not think it could be done, and I had no money to get started with. But then my friend from work mentioned how her brother (you like that?) looked into getting some government funding to start his own business from home. She gave me the information and I checked it out. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. (make the story more elaborate or more to the point depending on how you are going to hook them in)

    (Now start a new direction showing them "proof" of your story)Here's a picture of the check: [insert "proof" pic].

    (Now the "lead")It was really easy, all I did was:

    1. cpa grant offer here
    2. cpa grant offer 2 here.
    3. cpa grant offer here (though I stick with 2 as 3 just looks too obvious, and to be too much work for the reader so less likely they will even try)

    I got the money in 30 days yadda yadda, I paid off my debts yadda yadda, and I still cannot believe how easy it was. All I did was:

    [list out the offers again, but downplay their costs "all i had to pay was $2, which is less than my morning coffee, so I thought why not" type of downplay]

    Add a pic and an about me to your sidebar to make it even more realistic. I also like to go a step further and add a widget that is like a 'goal for the month' widget that shows my monetary goal and my actual intake so the readers think I'm actually earning more and less and more and less type of thing. It makes me have to login a few times to change the stats and switch out offers if one is not going through as well as another.

    Add "comments" to your post. "Since it looked easy, I tried out those sites. The forms were easy to fill in so I hope everything else is just this easy! I'll let you know", "Thanks for this. It only took me a few minutes to complete both offers!", "I listened to your advice a couple of months ago and tried out those sites. Not only did I get the grant money, but it looks like I am making more income a month than you now! Thanks [fakeblogidnamethinghere]!"

    yadda yadda type and then temporarily disable the comments....permanently. I know there is a simple landing page template here and that would work well, but if you do not want to do a simple template, you can create a static html page that "looks" like a WP or other blog type of post.

    Change the story up to reflect w/e cpa offer you are promoting if you can. Trying to get people to do credit checks? Make one with a sob story about needing to know your credit score and how ****************.com helped. Need people to try and get a cc? Make a story about a mom with bad credit that for whatever desperate reason needed a cc and how xyz offer(s) helped. On and long as it sounds less like a salespitch and more like an average joe that could live next door to me, it will sell.....oh yeh and a good ppc campaign of course. =D
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    Very very good. And effective... used this for a credit-check offer myself. Just good ol' fashioned copywriting/storytelling that pays.

    BTW after a couple months you should get to the point when you have enough real comments, that you won't even need your "preloaded" ones.
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    Great post!

    Thats the basis of IM right there.

    The hard part is getting free traffic though. Credit check, credit cards, mortgage, grant are all high paying keywords.