Companionship agency with operations in the US but located offshore

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    I want to start an offshore escort agency operating but NOT located in the United States. The agency will be located in a different country.
    EVERYTHING (advertising, phone calls, scheduling, hiring) will be done through the internet.

    I want the escorts I work with to pay me through their debit / credit card through an offshore payment processor.

    My concern for starting an offshore escort agency with operations in the USA:

    1- privacy protection
    2- tax optimization
    3- payment processor

    My activities include:

    - Running an escort agency (i.e. putting clients and providers in contact, getting commission - at no point there is a direct contact with escorts, everything is done online and without any pressures or controls on escorts)

    I have extensive experience in the industry. I want to start the agency in a country such as the Netherlands where prostitution is legal.

    Can anyone suggest a good solution for these requirements?
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