Common Interest - Girl, Money and "Your Niche"... Exploit it get FB likes highly targeted

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    First got to know what basically we want from a facebook fanpage. What I want is here -

    1. I want to make sales.
    2. I want to bring good amount of referral traffic to my website.
    3. I want to get my brand name viral on social network.

    There maybe lot others what you would expect from a facebook fanpage. You might just be increasing likes and then sell it, just like I do sometimes.

    To fulfill any of the above given needs you will need a good amount of fans. Not just fans from anywhere and anyone. 5000 likes worth 50$ won't work here. We need some genuine fans who are really interested on the topic.

    Here in this thread I am going to show you how it is done.

    The process is as always a time taking process. You don't have to waste any money buying anything, all you need is TIME.

    First let us say we take a topic "Sport Shoes".
    We need to find out how many people are actually interested in shoes niche.
    As we all know the common interest of a man is "GIRL" and the second most important is "MONEY". Here is what I did:-

    Step 1:- 10 girls FB account. Building and updating status on alternate days or once a week. Just made them realize that I am not fake. Don't use a celebrity pic. Get an album of photos from Myspace or from other struggling models. I just made natural updates no link or promotion till one month. Shared pics and tags etc. After 1 month I had around 1k friends in all my accounts. Now I started to share the links, not too much but sometimes like... "Wow!! These shoes are gorgeous, I wish I were a boy and could wear these to play football... :p". Believe me 130+ likes and over 500 comments (comments included me also). I don't know about the hits but definitely it was over 500. This is just one account I am talking about, others are the same.

    Step 2:- I I built one Fanpage on Sport Shoes. And here comes the BIG BANG. I just naturally liked it and did not recommend anyone to like the page. After the page being liked by all the 10 profiles, I did not do anything. I automatically got 50+ likes on that particular page. But as you all know 50 likes is not very good to make a sale. Integrated my website to the facebook page so that whatever is updated on my website gets updated there too. If you don't have a website just update your fanpage naturally. Once the fanpage is updated go and comment on it. Don't go from 10 profiles and comment but you can definitely comment from 2 profiles. People will follow you to the page. They will want to start a conversation with you in the page itself, making your page popular. Do this thing often rotating your accounts and after 3-4 months you will see your page is getting good amount of likes and also ranking in google.

    I did this. And today I don't have too much likes but definitely my pages are active. One of my page has 16k+ likes and I can assure that at least 80% of the fans are interested on that niche.

    Thanks BHW members for taking out your valuable time to read this.