COMMENTS that get APPROVED and STICK ! So easy...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Camsam, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Most of you sneaky blackhatters (that was a compliment :D) know this, but I still see so many short-lived no-brainer comments on different blogs. Generic and no-brainer comments like:

    "Good blog, I really liked it"
    "Interesting topic, it helped me so much"
    "Thanks for sharing this"

    THE TRICK - so simple it sounds stupid.
    Find a well discussed topic (in the past) and comment on it, at best, mixed with something current.

    In details:
    1. Use something like google news to find a topic, some gossip which is well discussed (in the past). Could be any celebrity fuckup (Paris hilton, Lindsay lohan etc).

    2. Use your harvester (I use Hrefer, you could use scrapebox - whatever) and find blogs with that particular scandale topic, rinse your list etc (you know the drill).

    3. Now find something in the current (still linked to your past topic).

    What you do now is, that you create a comment, which actually comments that particular scandale and add something new to it (if you want to be really sneaky) and post away on the blogs you found above in 2.

    You can also turn it around, you find something current - comment on the topic with historical information.

    EXAMPLE: Hurricane Earl.
    After finding blogs that discuss Hurricane Earl (its a hot topic now) you start building your comment based on past information (use Wiki to mix in some more flavour).
    A comment example:

    "I was wondering, why do they use the same name over and over again? I mean hurricane earl was used 6 times before... the one I remember best was the one in 1998, struck the florida panhandle and made damage for something like 79 mil USD!

    Love Anna"

    I've made a killing using the above simple and powerful technique ... most of the comments get approved and stick, something like 50-60% in average.

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    This has now been posted 3 times in the past week! All in different places and re-posted by only newer members.


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    cold busted LOL:cool:
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    Obviously it needs to get posted more and more.. people still whine about comments not being approved and succesrates failing.

    Besides, only 3 times? Thats like nothing compared to so much else like

    - "what specs for xrumer server"
    - "why do I suck so much using xrumer"

    LA LA LA