[Comment] Are There Too Many Threads on Adult Related Things

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by newnetworks, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. newnetworks

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    Jun 14, 2010
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    Have you noticed the alarming increase in threads and posts,
    which are related to the Adult/Pron related sites in BHW?

    Do you think that there too many of these types of posts, invading the
    Black Hat World Of Search Engine Optimization?

    Do not get me wrong here, the adult niche is as lucrative as some others,
    but some of the threads/posts here recently; and more importantly
    the outgoing links are "questionable" to say the least.

    I am not saying that these type of sites should not exsist, but
    I am wondering if this get lost in translation
    SEO = SEX

    Please comment below.

  2. WayneRoberts

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    May 10, 2010
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    There is an adult forum that is a spambot fest graveyard.

    Also, its not like black hatting is the most ethical practice in the first place. We are spammers FFS, so concerns over the quality of content most here provide is a little retarded.
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  3. artizhay

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    Nov 21, 2010
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    Well of course some of the links are "questionable," but the poster feels that the adult industry is where they will make their money, so let it be. If someone sees an adult thread and gets inspired by it, then they will likely make a thread too, and so the chain begins. =P