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    We'll I just got fired from the job!:eek:

    I had a job doing internet marketing, with one of the bigger names in the industry, but sometimes things dont work out and plus, I've never been a "go to work everyday" kinda person.

    We were doing things with social media, but I'm not a socialite kinda person. I like to stick to my self mostly, and felt to fake trying to act all proper to fit into the big social media phenomenon.

    This community is just what I need to provide the motivation to sit home on my computer and make money. I know without a doubt it possible!

    I've been around this wide ether of the internet for along time, but never seriously put effort into making money, but I can build a self hosted wordpress blog in minutes and am comfortable with most any program.

    Well enough of the introduction time to enter to the darkside!;)

    J Chimpo
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    Well once you go black you never go back. Welcome.