Comcast Strikes Again!

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    Hello, Dummy! Comcast calls its customers more shocking names

    The most shocking thing about a revelation that a Comcast employee changed a customer?s name to "a**hole" was how shocked everyone was.

    Readers reacted with indignation at my report that the company with the worst customer service scores in America would have employees who hated their customers enough to put it in writing.

    All the while, the cable TV giant has implied this was a single action of a disgruntled employee they would soon terminate.

    But that may not be entirely accurate.

    Comcast is no stranger to the insult by invoice. In 2005, it called one woman a "b*tch dog" on her bill. And over the last few days, I've been contacted by several Comcast customers who claim the same thing has happened to them.

    One customer says a Comcast employee changed his name to the phonetic spelling of a profanity that is unprintable in a family newspaper. Another says Comcast changed her name to "whore" and another says her name became "dummy."

    Comcast says it's investigating these incidents. In a blog post, it also promised it would be investing in technology to prevent future name-changing incidents. It has already terminated the entire subcontracting company responsible for the "a**hole" incident.