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    I love this place and feel as though I haven't given nearly as much back as I have received.. so here is a little contribution to the community.

    First off I would like to say that THIS IS NOT THEORY. I have personally done this for the past two years and made a pretty penny doing it. You can use whatever variation you can come up with, but the basic premise is sound.

    The Method

    So it's about that time of year that the college semesters are coming to an end. Classes are finishing and school is quickly becoming an afterthought. Now is the time to cash in.

    At the end of every semester, most colleges put up stands around campus to buy back used books, that they will in turn sell next semester. Students come in packs, trying to make a few extra dollars on the books that they will undoubtedly never open again.

    Unfortunately for some of them, the college will stop taking certain books for a variety of different reasons: new editions are coming soon, they have bought back their quota of that particular book etc.

    Here is where we jump in and a make a quick buck out of the situation ourselves. For most students, after trying to sell back the books to the college, that is the end of the quest to sell them. They will either forget about them or give them away to some charity book drive, normally set up right near the buy back stand. (At my school it's Books for Africa)

    Now here is where the method comes in. After being told by the stand that the are not buying back the particular book, most people see no value in the book at all. Fortunately for us, even when colleges are not buying back the books, certain ones are still being bought back online.

    To start with, you have to find out which books are not being bought back. Stand around the stand for a little while and you will soon get a feel for which books are not being bought back. In the past I have found out through having my books declined, but this works just as well, and gives you more options.

    Search online for the books and find which ones are still being bought. Sometimes you will have a good amount of them that are not being bought online as well. This goes with the territory and can't be bypassed.

    You can get better results on finding books that are still good by waiting till the last few days of the program, because by the end of the buy back, the college stops buying certain books because they already met the maximum number they are buying back of that book at that time.

    On the flip side, this also limits the amount of books you will be able to get for your own greedy agenda. It really is up to you.

    (On a side note, even though both the college and online are not buying back certain books, check out the price tag for them new. If a book is normally 140-170$, it can still be an easy sell for 10-20$ in these online market places as well as at the beginning of the next semester at your school when people are forced to purchase these books again. Some will have new editions out, but in my experience most teachers are not stern on having the most current edition, as most are not changed very much. I have regularly been able to sell the older editions to students who would rather have a little extra cash in their pocket.)

    With a little research you should be able to find a few different books that are being bought back online. Normally the payout is not very high compared to the price, but all it costs you is time.

    Now is where the short amount of work comes in. Hang around the buy back stands and you will quickly see people being turned down. These happen to be are target.

    Try to target the books that are being bought online for at least 10$(never under 10$ since it really is not worth it in my eyes).

    What I do is: Get around 100-200$ in 1$ and 5$ bills. Get a book bag that can handle holding a few copies of the books. Approach the people that are leaving and start up a conversation about the book. Say you are taking the class next year and say you can give them a few dollars for the book if they are willing to sell it to you.

    Normally I feel them out and see if they would just give me the book, but a few dollars is always good enough incentive to give it up. If you have a good looking girl friend/s, this works verrry well. Have her target the guys and you target the girls. In my experience, guys will eagerly give up a book for free to a good looking girl, and even decline taking money not to seem in need of cash.

    Don't make it seem like a business, but rather just a student looking to get a book for next semester. If you seem like you are trying to make money, people will quickly catch on and look into if the book is worth anything for themselves.

    Try not to be obvious and fill the book bag up and make trips dropping them off in your car. Never spend over 5$ on a book, unless it is worth it to do so.

    After you have collecting whatever amount of books will give you a good ROI, pack it up for the day. You will rarely encounter the same people, as most people only go once with all their books trying to get rid of them.

    Go back online and print out the shipping ticket, ship the books and wait for the money to come in. Regularly I am able to make 500-1000$ split between me and one other person for a few hours work. I normally sell back to the sites immediately so I can get my money back as quick as possible.

    If you want to, you can always hold off and sell them through facebook, the sites market places or set up flyers around the school advertising cheaper rates on books at the beginning of the next semester. Online sites are the easiest because you can get rid of all the books in one shot, but can probably make more through individual sales.

    That really is it in a nut shell. I am on my way out for now, so I will read this over later and if I left anything out or if their are any questions.. feel free to ask em.
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    this is true. usually the new edition is just correcting some typos within the book. some just add additional crap to lengthen the book for a few pages.

    thanks for the share
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    I like the idea. This relies on both offline and online marketing ability. Thanks given! Would sure be useful for some users here. :)
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    pimp some students