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Collection of what I've learned. Please tell me what you think

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by brando95, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. brando95

    brando95 Newbie

    Jul 26, 2013
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    1) Research profitable niche
    · Do they spend money/have products to promote?
    · Are they seeking information, a service, or a product?
    · Hobby, trend, passion or problem?
    · Is the niche saturated?

    2) Keywords
    · Keep density at 3%
    · Keyword stemming, add Pre/Suffixes to keyword
    · Market Samurai, Ubersuggest, Scrapebox, Google keyword tool to find keywords
    · Spyfu to check bidding on keyword tools
    · Use synonyms, movie-film
    · Create a site around a group of keywords for more traffic
    · Write articles with 60% targeted money keywords, 20% LSI keywords and 20% generic keywords

    3) Traffic
    · Social media is traffic at your disposal. Create web pages, and accounts and make them popular. Drive them to your site
    · Backlinks, get as many as possible. Create short web 2.0 pages which purpose is to drive traffic to your site. 3 pages, 1 linking to an authority site, 1 about us, 1 short article linking to your site.
    · Link trade with other websites
    · Create/comment on videos which will drive traffic to your site.
    · Scale up any method of bringing traffic that is working
    · The more web pages and articles on your site that you have the more likely it is that someone will be directed to your site.
    · Possibly pay for advertising/traffic?
    · Doc sharing, convert an article to a pdf file and add link in footer
    · Article directory links, submit articles with your links included

    4) Capture traffic
    · Most people that come to your site will never come back. Change that
    · Be proactive with your conversions never be complacent with your list.
    · Always actively work them and keep the relationship alive
    · Capture name, email, phone number
    · Capture attention
    · Phone calls build trust
    · Quality not quantity of leads
    · Personal connections, 1 on 1 selling. Even FB chat
    · Offer bonus to join your email list

    5) Monetization
    · Sell Clickbank products, Amazon products, or my own ebook
    · Adsense
    · Possibly sell subscription to site?
    · Drive traffic to affiliate programs, PPD offers, etc.

    6) Enjoy the spoils
    · Drive my new Lamborghini coast to coast
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  2. JonnyBorneo

    JonnyBorneo Regular Member

    Feb 7, 2012
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    keyword density 1.3-1.8%, not 3%