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    Ok, i have a program i made (a bot) that is the just about the only one working. Mine has been out for 4mo. I've got a lot of great compliments about my bot. I'm about to release version 1.3 with decaptcher support (now you have to enter it manually)

    All the bots that do work for this one particular site, eventually the person gets banned. With my bot, not one soul has been banned, due to the human "type" features and the tremendous amount of settings you can tweek to fit you specific needs.

    My download rate for my bot that is hosted on MU has has went through the roof since last month. So I Got to thinking earlier today how sweet would it be to collect every email (legally) from every person downloading my bot. But i don't want to buy a domain and hosting blah blah blah.

    Please help me out, what can i do??
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    shave the download link i want try