Coinbase warns its 98million customers they may lose ALL their crypto if company goes bankrupt

You don't need to hand your coins to a 3rd party to stake...
Then why do you send the coin/token to a smart contract? ;)

To be clear, you are wrong. You send the tokens/coins to a staking smart contract. The sc receives the asset, and adds your address and the amount to it’s storage. If the sc is upgradeable (and somone decides to take the asset out) or there is a bug in the sc, say bye bye to the token/coin.
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seem something that is 100% already. it's CEX. you put money there, it goes bankrup they run with your money.
is anybody here will be interested in swapping 500 shareholders leads from different stock markets and regulated in the u.s?
Keep your crypto portfolio on wallets, like Metamask. Or even better, get a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor
The only reason why people keep their holding in exchanges is to either trade or stake
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