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    I want to learn html, css, php, and javascript. I know where i can find online tutorials but i would rather have an instructor that i can ask questions e.g. an in class lesson
    i am in highschool and would like some summer course or camp that i can sign up for in my area. I need one in york region. I know some resources online to learn these but i would be clueless as to how to use them hand in hand and integrate them with each other. Help appreciated, thanks

    P.S. I have some really good online business ideas (possibly $100,000 ones) but i don't want to pay for coding costs. Do i need to learn javascript or just html, css, php? What are the main advantages and disadvantages of using php or javascript. What are they both used for? Sorry, really need some help on this
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    PHP is used for Server Side (processing on your end)

    And javascript is used for processing on the actual browser (like changing the appearance of a page)
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    If you believe you have some $100,000 ideas what's wrong with paying someone a few hundred dollars to make it for you? Time is valuable. It would take a couple years of experience to get to the level of a programmer who can make very advanced stuff--why not pay someone who has already spent that time?

    Think about it--if you have five ideas that could potentially make you $100,000, and you invest $5000 to get 5 REALLY nice sites coded--if even ONE of them does 1/10 as good as you expected, then you'd double your money. Why spend the time you could be making money not making it? You could be making money AND learning in the meantime.

    That's one thing I've noticed a lot of here--people spending 10 hours doing something that they could pay someone to do in 10 minutes for $10. Make money work for you--and in turn make you more money. Spend your time running the big picture--not small details you could be delegating.
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    Javascript, CSS, and html are usually supplemental (designs) to your actual script, which is where I recommend PHP. Easiest syntax, large support community, and MYSQL's number one perk. Programming is simply creating a template and then later replacing it with applicable functions of the coding language, this generally requires patience and alot of people (including myself sometimes, alot) don't have the time to finish it off, but I'm dyslexic and have ADD.


    Actually, on alot of famous programming sites there are people requesting masters to utilize their skills, for free in fact, simply because they don't know how to best monetize their knowledge.
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