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Cloaking for adwords and G manual reviewers

Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by eljefe3, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. eljefe3

    eljefe3 Regular Member

    Apr 23, 2008
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    Anyone have long term success cloaking for adwords and their manual reviewers? I've heard setting up REMOTE_HOST and using a list of ISP's is a good start, but I'm hoping some here have had some success using a few different methods to ensure a long term successful campaign.
  2. MrNoob

    MrNoob Registered Member

    Mar 16, 2008
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    Southern California
    I would like to know as well. I am thinking of using Lpgen with the adwords smackdown addon
    and that is pretty much nothing but cloaking for adwords. I suppose getting banned by adwords is a pain in the ass but not a big deal. Just use a proxy and get a new account.