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Dec 1, 2008
what does everyone think about ads3nse clicker clubs (click fraud groups)? i am thinking about joining one but have only ever heard bad things about them. any ideas/suggestions on how not to get banned?
I'd think my adwords account is worth more than the 10.00 you'll get before you get banned LMAO.
haha. i agree. im trying to think of ideas to make it water tight tho.
for example:

everybody gets 10 sites to visit everyday
  • at least 5 of these must be random (not members sites), so there is a bit of randomness
  • the members must search for the sites in google and yahoo etc... not just type in the domain
  • they must only click on ads on half the sites (they choose which ones)
  • they must browse around some sites, and leave others almost straight away
  • they must not visit all the sites within a short time period, spread it out amongst other online stuff

I think the most important thing is to make everything look natural (random)
the problem is, you cant really trust everyone to do it proper, and one wrong move will ruin it for everyone
i think there are better ways to earn money... clickrings and trying to cheat adsense is definitly a bad idea
... trying to cheat adsense is definitly a bad idea

this is very good idea but not clicking yourself or by "magic clubs". It's not works. To get money from clicking club you need a lot of ppl. When you have a lot of ppl someone do something wrong and ... bye, bye your $. And do you know how much troubles is with creating another adsense account?

wanna play with big G? try different methods, forcing surfer to click your ads somehow for example or maybe send bunch of cheap traffic to MFA etc. Split traffic between few adsense accounts keep low ctr and be happy with nice $.
sure. but you should know then what you are doing... and guys who ask questions like "who helps me building a clickring" definitly do NOT know what they are doing... just my 5 cents
Technically you just need few people with different IPs, browsing your Adsense page with browser, and just click through one per day.. But doing this through human, is a bad idea.. automation is how it should be done.. :)
You gotta remember guys that Big G is not stupid. They have very sophisticated algorythms set up that are hard to fool. You might get away with it for a little while but they will eventually catch you. Is this click fraud worth losing your account? Not to me it isn't. Think twice before you do it.
Read some more and you'll find better ways to make money :)
I don't blame you for trying though, we all start somewhere.
I totally agree with everyone else. You may get away with it for a while, but eventually you will get caught. Lots of people here pay for adwords so to do this is to be stealing money from us. Plus to get an adsense account back is not always very easy if you lose it.
is it possible to have more than one ads3nse account? i know your not supposed to? do you just do it in your buddies name or something?
most ppl I know have multipla accounts. For experiments you should have fake adsense accounts on someone not existing details. You never get paid but you can try something is workings or not. If you have an idea how to get money from them. You can try budddies and family
even IF you don't get banned, since your not getting conversions you'll get smart priced, so either way you'll lose
I've read many topics here.
You know what? :) Most of you are fucking scared of google like hell.
What kind of BLACK HAT forum is it? Most of you are pussies. I thought, that black hat is all about doing the bad stuff, no? So don't act, like faking something, or making ''dirty'' SEO is a bad thing.

Ofcourse there are people who are faking and laughing at any company - you name it.
People are doing fraud of the richest companies in the world. Banks, Google, poodle or whatever.. Everything is possible. Now when it comes to google - everybodys like - oh, no, you'll get banned! :))) PUSSIES! You maybe will get banned. But there ALWAYS will be real black hats or whatever you can call them - smart people, who will brake it, who will make it and will enjoy it.

It will be inpiring for some people on here.
And it will bring up random replies from pussies.

Looking forward to it. But I am not sure if I will be commenting back on that, because I would be wasting my time. So good luck.

And BIG UP for people who are keeping this place alive providing good stuff.
Thank you!
Maybe write a simple php script to randomly send members to pages. Refer blanking being used of course, won't want big G to find out.

But the club would need more than 50+ people I think.
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