ClickBank or Plimus - What Should I Go For?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by ``Yousef, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm planning on launching a new product soon, and I'm stuck in a kind of sticky situation - choice of payment processor.

    Initially, I planned to set sail with ClickBank, but after looking at Plimus, I'm stuck.

    The product I'm launching won't be anything like your average trashy ClickBank product, and branding is an important factor. Unfortunately, ClickBank doesn't offer custom order pages unless your a vendor with considerable reputation, and this is my first product.

    Having standard ClickBank order forms will probably hit my exit rate pretty hard as consumers will wonder why they've been taken from my site to ClickBank. The only way to get around this is to educate them before they leave my site that orders are processed by ClickBank.

    The upside to using ClickBank is the reputation that they have within the affiliate industry (this product will primarily be sold by affiliates/partners), their payment schedule (bi-weekly).

    Plimus on the other hand, allows for; coupons, customization of order forms (not just header images, and colors like ClickBank), royalties (for others who contributed on the project), email marketing that integrates with product purchase (I believe ClickBank can pass through order values post-sale via the API anyway).

    But, on the downside, they don't have the best of reputations with affiliates (at least not of the same stature as ClickBank), payments are net-15, and they need to manually review the first five purchases via phone (apparently calls aren't even made automatically, and could be up to several hours later).

    I'm pretty much in the middle, so perhaps some of you could help me make up my mind?

    Any comments, experiences as a vendor, thoughts as an affiliate etc, would be great!

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    Both are reputable to be honest....just go for any.......promotion is the key.
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    I recommend to use BOTH mate.. Clickbank and Plimus.

    Why? I Observed some of the internet marketers from international countries with not Spam law and hard to caught by DMCA has something doing wrong.. what i mean is they copied a clickbank products ( all contents from images, authors names etc..) and host it to free hosting or domain and add the copied product to plimus and they earned and profits for just copying the product.. It's not good because it could damage a record and reputation from several countries. FTC are bidding to add some new Law to some international countries.

    If you don't want someone copy your works, then use them both..

    Good luck with your projeck mate
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    I'd prefer Clickbank anyday. I find Plimus quite strict and not suited for both affiliate as well as customer. But its only my observations though.