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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by InsanelySane, Dec 30, 2013.

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    Ill be targeting my site around 1 keyword, low compitition pretty high search volume. I am convinced I can get on page 1 and probably rank #1.

    The keyword is kind of like "back pain help facts" (example)" so my website is an EMD.

    This is a micro niche for 1 keyword only, at least for now. Every other keyword is too competetive.

    I will be selling 1 product via clickbank.

    I am curious how I should set the landing page.

    I am thinking either:

    A. Have the landing page have an article related to the keyword and provide something like: "8 facts to help alleviate backpain"....then at the end discuss how these tips are good but, how I actually cured my backpain for good click here to read my review"....which will go to the only other page on my site...the product review...... 2 page site

    B. Have the landing page instantly be the review page? 1 page site

    What would yield better success?
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    Split test! On your site have both A and B, and try to get both ranking well in google. Then compare the results of A vs B.
    Ultimately, it all depends on how well your writing is. A good copywriter will be able to pre-sell using an factual article. This generates more trust than reading a review, as with the latter most will know from the start that you are trying to sell them product for your personal gain.
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    I too have been selling Clickbank products and one of the techniques I use on my homepage to massively increase commissions is to add some code I created that "predicts" when someone is going to leave the page.

    The code creates an unblockable popup that forces the homepage of the CB product I am promoting and naturally my affiliate link to appear before the user can leave. Would you be interested in me providing you with that code so you can try?