clickbank and mass marketing twitter bot qest.?

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    so have allways been marketing my owe products & service so this did not matter but now i want to play around in affiliate markting trying to see how well clickbank can do for me

    now i intill today was in to bots i have the most powerfull bots in the market, i can l drive 100,000 or even a mil. real humen visitors to a page in 24 hours with my twitter bot my main question i geuss goes to the clickbank policy,
    i think becouse of the amount of trafic and maby becouse of some pissed of flamer who could have deleted the tweet but insist to "blow the whistle" on me to either click bank or the affiliate seller
    now this is where it gets tricky:
    since its social media if i think a product is great i should have a right to tell ppl out there and if i use many different account to blast from and get the message out to twitter users OK with out getting those accounts banned so im still OK with twitter? or even if they do get banned what is the difference to click bank and or the sales company?

    i guess my question is what is the best method to advertise on click bank with mass marketing bots that target twitter users i need a complete method that will not get my click bank affiliate account banned or my money frozen...please advise