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[Clickbait] CONCEPT vs IMPLEMENTATION in blackhat IM? #goneviolent

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by ancientaliens, Apr 2, 2017.


Are you part of the concept or implementation team?

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  1. ancientaliens

    ancientaliens Regular Member

    Jul 13, 2015
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    Okay so I have this problem..

    And I'm sure a ton of other people in the IM world may temporarily have it too..

    It's when you have a bunch of fucking awesome concepts, but lack the resources to make it a reality.. or for some people when you have all the resources but lack the creativity to make it work..

    For example.. I get a few emails weekly which should have landed in my spam folder, but surprisingly made it to my inbox. This means that the person behind that had the resources to make the email land in my inbox, but lacked the creativity to make it not look like a spam piece of shit.. Like the copywriting sucks ass, it sounds like the normal spam that has been going around since 2010 i.e "Dear unique user you have won. Your name was randomly selected to claim $1000 guaranteed of Argos vouchers for just taking this 2 second survey"

    Another example is those people that develop a Facebook spam virus bot that automatically posts porn on your news feed, groups or friend's wall.. Actually there's one in particular that tries to promote a weight loss thing hijacking real people's profiles comment spamming their friends wall posts.. It goes something like this "Omg {friend name}. You won't believe I lost 5000kg in 1 week using this triple trick ninja system. Just search on Google www.f u c k t h e f a t.com please remove the spaces in the link"..

    You may have thought these ended years ago, but I've seen a few of them this year.

    The point is if I had access to the source code, bots, proxies etc that these people use for these semi successful campaigns (semi successful in the sense that they have thrown the punch, but it's not adequate enough to get an uppercut as there is strength in the punch but not technique so the punch misses the target), I'd be making bank and so would other's with a solid strategy. And if the people with the resources had all the unique concepts, their campaign will be a lot more successful.

    Think about the story 'OF MICE AND MEN'. George is small with brains. Lennie is big and strong with no brains. George is the one with the concept. Lennie is the one with the resources. If there was meant to be a fight with someone of Lennies strength and size & they both go at it solo, Lennie wouldn't have the skill and quick thinking to win & George wouldn't have the size or strength. But what if George's brain was transplanted into Lennies body.. That would be a fucking monster..

    I've had so many times when if I had resources, it could have been big as fuck results. For example I once tested a strategy on Facebook getting traffic by comment spamming in a not so spammy way on big pages. On the first day I did 350 contextual comments on a niche post & got almost 150 clicks on the comment links. But ran into problems as accounts kept going down. Imagine if I was one of the big dawgs with 10,000+ accounts, VPS, Proxies etc. Or the time when I was trying to sell a digital service but people were giving no face to it although it was actually going to boost their business, but I saw the same people spend money on a service by a GURU which wasn't up to 10% of the value I was offering. Or my most recent one where I figured how to auto mention people on Twitter using Google sheets and some other shit but getting tons of ghosted accounts, while lacking adequate proxies and can't adequately verify accounts as not enough phone numbers & it's really just a waste of time without proper resources..

    Shit it's hard out here in this world kids.. but I'll keep hustling..

    I however think it's easier for the one with the concept to acquire the resources than vice versa..

    Anyone in a similar situation lol.. Please enlighten..
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