Click signup help!!!! Country not listed on clickbank


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Feb 26, 2010
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Hello everyone. I want to ask if I can use address of my relative living in Uk or US to be CB affliate. My country is not listed in CB, so I can't signup. Many people seems to buy virtual address from US but I an't do so right now. So, if I can use address of my relatives, then whose name should I use to signup, mine or my relatives'? Will there be any problem getting clickbank id that way?
Also sorry, if this question is already asked somewhere else. I searched bt didn't find.....
Put the name as yours..and the address point to your relatives..ask them to sent you the checks if you get it..easy still got paid by cashing the check at your country i think..
Ok! Then it's alright for me to go that way. Thanks.
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